Natalie Schorr Art and Writings

I am an artist and designer living in scenic McLeansville, NC,
where I can pursue my art and writing from our tiny farm without too many distractions.

My little house on our small farm in McLeansville, NC.

I work primarily with discarded, repurposed, or recycled materials for my art, but I also design for online Print on Demand companies Zazzle and Cafepress. 

My writings can be found on my blog and my Squidoo pages under ottoblotto, Beetlemania, and Build My Brand.

What's New In Art

I just completed two pieces for a juried show at The Center For Visual Arts in Greensboro, NC.

American Rubens, a drawing on a discarded metal table top.

This piece is titled American Rubens. It is a drawing in graphite and colored pencil done on the top of an old enameled table top. The drawing addresses the notion of the "Rubenesque" woman, and redefines it somewhat for modern American society.


I Will Not Text in Class is a Celtic inspired drawing in ink on a discarded school desktop.

This piece is called I Will Not Text in Class. It is a Celtic inspired ink drawing on the top of an old school desktop. I wanted to keep the inspiration of a desktop doodle, but still have a well composed idea. This piece actually took an enormous amount of time, and I have a new found respect for people who work in this style. If you look closely, you will find the word "QWERTY."

UPDATE: Both pieces were accepted into the CVA Show. American Rubens was the 2nd place winner!

What's New in Writing

Newly updated - Unique Car Mats on Beetlemania. I've been writing a lot about auto accessories recently; you can check out the entire line of car accessories web pages at Beetlemania. I also wanted to have my car painted purple, but my kids objected rather vehemently. Seems having one's mother riding around in a purple car is cause for embarrassment. Who knew?

Also new in the world of the web is my new site, Vintage Cycling Posters. Lots of Art Nouveau charm, so I hope you will pay it a visit.

Another new site I am working on is Historical Map and Print, which carries an awesome selection of cartography gifts.

I've got answers!

I just recently joined, a site wherein you answer questions that are posed by other members and curious people. The person asking the question then may decide whose answer they like best and "award" them for their answer. You should give it a try. I am beginning to get a lot of awarded answers, so I've added a page for my WebAnswers.

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