Natalie Schorr Art and Writings

I am a coach, artist, writer and designer living in scenic McLeansville,NC. I write several blogs, draw lots of pictures, and coach via snail mail.

My little house on our small farm in McLeansville, NC.

My art is primarily done with discarded, repurposed, or recycled materials, and my graphic designs are created for online Print on Demand companies Zazzle and Cafepress. 

My writings can be found on my ottoblotto blog, my coaching blog, and my Squidoo pages under ottoblotto and Beetlemania

What's New

Oy! What a mess over at Squidooville. I was shocked to find a bunch of my Squidoo lenses may, and I emphasize may, be migrated over to HubPages. Pretty surprising.

It is unclear if HubPages will like the lenses they are acquiring from Squidoo. What happens if my lenses don't comply with what their rules are?

My decision is to find new homes for my content, so you will see some blank pages here while I work on getting these transferred and republished. You may even see some of them here. Still figuring it out.


.Green camera photography business card Red camera photography business card Old camera with three lenses photography business card Brown camera photography business cards

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